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I filled a Director of Marketing Innovation search at Hill's Pet Nutrition based in Topeka, Kansas.This was a particularly challenging search because of my client's location. However, I made sure to visit Topeka and get a first hand sense for the life style there and nearby Lawrence. In so doing I realized how good the quality of life was there, as well as  that Topeka was only 45 minutes from Kansas City. Also, the fact that Hill's was a subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive, based in New York City was helpful in attracting a star candidate from Kraft Foods in Chicago. She was promoted from a Senior Brand Manager position into  this role.

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The value of partnering with a Bender Executive Search is we go that extra mile, to ensure the client and candidate are the best match. Words are easy to say, but to have merit, action must be represented. Three anecdotes we would like to bring to your attention when thinking of Bender Executive Search, and the difference Alan Bender and the company makes as compared to other recruiting firms.

We filled a Vice President of Marketing search at Revlon in Manhattan. This was also a very challenging search because of Revlon's reputation of frequently changing executives. I succeeded in placing a super star from Unilever, who was promoted from a Marketing Director position into this VP role. I explained to this winning candidate that Revlon rewards executives who perform well better than most other companies, and that if he was confident in his abilities, he would thrive there…which he did.  Also, I pointed out that Revlon's fast work pace, and entrepreneurial culture would enable him to fit in well there, and accomplish a lot more there than most other companies

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The first anecdote took place in 1999 when we took on the Director of E-Commerce search for Score Learning Centers, based in San Francisco The first step I took was to fly out to San Francisco at our / my own expense to meet with the Hiring Manager,i.e. the VP of Marketing to get a first hand sense for the position and Score's corporate culture, especially since then it was the infancy of E-Commerce.  This VP engaged me for this search because I had placed him at his previous position, and he was impressed with my insights into that role, and how I treated him in guiding him for each step in the interviewing process.  I was then able to tap into my extensive database for referrals which led to  finding and attracting superior candidates who had the needed expertise in this new advanced form of marketing. Importantly, I / we  also pre-screened to make sure that the persona/style of every candidate was a particularly good fit with the VP, and Score's corporate culture. Since E-Commerce was so new at that time, my client was open to relocating the winning candidate, if necessary. However, I succeeded in placing someone who already lived in "the Bay" area.

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