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Bender Executive Search Inc.

Bender Executive Search,Inc is led by Alan Bender who is a former marketer who has over 20 years of success  specializing in marketing recruiting/talent acquisition. Alan has an MBA degree in Marketing from Columbia University. He worked in brand management at Colgate-Palmolive, and also headed up Account Management on leading Consumer Packaged Goods accounts for top 10 marketing services agencies, including Grey and McCann-Erickson.  Thus, Alan has practical knowledge of each facet of Marketing and how it interacts with Sales and all other functions. He knows first-hand the critical attributes for success, plus what is needed for sharp insightful peerless evaluation of each organization's needs and candidate assessment to match these needs, in order to importantly stimulate the appropriate fit. This competitive edge has enabled Bender Executive Search, Inc to be recognized as one of the nation's leading executive recruiting firms in Marketing and Sales.


Bender Executive Search Inc
  • As a former marketing executive who has been specializing in marketing search for over twenty years, Bender Executive Search has practical knowledge of each marketing component and how it interacts with the other disciplines as as the information need to train some of the top marketing and sales executive recruiters ever. We know first hand the critical attributes for success, plus what is needed for sharp insightful peerless evaluation of each organizations needs and candidate assessment to match these needs, and ensure the  appropriate fit.
  • We react more quickly and comprehensive to marketing assignments than generalist search firms. Long standing relationships with candidates and years of creating awareness of us and establishing our reputation one relationship at a time has built up a significant equity of trust and integrity that enables us to more efficiently persuade candidates to join the boutique search firm we are representing.
  • We offer customized and efficient alternative to the bureaucratic , impersonal and slow moving search process. Our approach is flexible and innovative. We provide critical insght into how to balance the components of each job description in a way that leads to the organization hiring the winning candidate who accomplishes your goals. We have a relentless passionate commitment that leads to successful completion of even the most demanding assignments.
  • Alan Bender (the principal) works on each start to finish to prove the priority personal attention which nurtures a close, collaborative partnership relationship and ensures absolute accountability, expertise, creativity and top quality results from our marketing and executive recruiters.
  • Our boutique search firm monitors the number of searches undertaken  optimizes top quality results with personalized service, plus makes certain that the resources are not over extended and commitments to all clients are not compromised.
  • Our boutique search firm works with a select number of clients in any given industry sector and, as a result, their sales executive recruiters have a few " off limits" and access to an extremely broad range of candidates.