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Search Process

With Bender's executive search process the principal personally conducts each search
At Bender Executive Search the principal works personally to conduct each executive search process from start to finish: precisely define the position specification and search strategy; manage the research to identify potential marketing and sales executive candidates; and effectively act as candidate screener, selector, presenter, reference checker and broker. This pro-active personalized executive search process assures continuing feedback and accountability to the client throughout the search process. This executive search process is also instrumental in leading to the successful completion of each search, usually within three months, and in building a close collaborative partnership relationship. It is my policy in representing all our clients and marketing and sales executive candidates to respect confidential information entrusted to me, to adhere to all Equal Employment Opportunity laws, and to conduct all my search activities with the highest degree of professionalism.
Bender's Executive Search Process
Executive Search Process and Marketing and Sales Executive Candidates
Step 1 – Defining the Executive Search Process and the Search Strategy
At the outset of every assignment I visit the client’s headquarters to meet with the appropriate members of each organization in order to acquire an in-depth understanding of its history, structure, philosophy and style. An understanding of these variables, together with the needs and demands of those professionals who will interface with the new hire, allows me to develop a clear understanding and definition of the assignment, as well as a specific strategy for its implementation. I then prepare a detailed fee agreement for approval, outlining my understanding of the assignment, the specific responsibilities of my firm and the client, and the terms and conditions of the fee structure.

Step 2 – Targeted Research to Identify Potential Marketing and Sales Executive Candidates
The next step in the executive search process is upon client approval of the fee agreement, position description and search strategy, our firm undertakes a systematic, thorough approach to determine target industries, companies and potential marketing and sales executive candidates. I utilize four basic research sources:
  • Research of targeted industries and companies-original to every assignment.
  • Our firm’s database of over 15,000 marketing professionals.
  • Networking with our wide range of personal contacts/industry sources established over many years of involvement with the marketing community.
  • Internet job posting sites.
  • Third party resume databases. 

"Working with Bender Executive Search made my job search easy. They were great in keeping an eye out for an potential opportunities that I would be interested in based on our discussions. They were always accessible and available to answer all of my questions."

Account Supervisor

Marketing Services Agency

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Step 3 – Recruiting and Screening of Marketing and Sales Executive Candidates
From my firm’s targeted research I make direct telephone contact to determine candidate suitability and interest. Appropriate marketing and sales executive candidates are sent client company background information and the specifics of the position. Following the exchange of information, qualified and interested marketing and sales executive candidates are then phone interviewed in greater depth to identify marketing and sales executive candidates who are the most promising and are realistic prospects.
Step 4 – Marketing and Sales Executive Candidates Evaluation/Presentation to Client 
I know first-hand the critical attributes for success in each type of marketing situation, plus what is needed for sharp, insightful candidate evaluation to ensure the appropriate fit. Specifically, I conduct in-depth interviews to obtain a realistic understanding of each candidate’s background, accomplishments, abilities, potential and fit within the client’s organization. I also assess personal attributes of each candidate to determine the major strengths and limitations that an individual might bring to bear. Additionally, I will evaluate all relevant personal considerations including their families and lifestyles. Once I am satisfied that I have found the most capable and compatible marketing and sales executive candidates, I present to the client a recommended "short list" of marketing and sales executive candidates with a written analysis and appraisal of each individual’s qualifications against agreed upon requirements contained in the position specification. Through a partnership effort with the client, I will then collectively determine which of those marketing and sales executive candidates I have presented are deemed most appropriate for interviewing.
Step 5 – Client-Candidate Interviews
Interview meetings are arranged by Bender Executive Search and can be held at the client's facility, in my headquarters, or at a mutually convenient location. Careful preparation of both clients and marketing and sales executive candidates prior to each interview ensures maximum chance for a successful meeting. I act as an intermediary and objective third party during this stage of client-candidate interviews and debriefings.
Executive Search Process and Marketing and Sales Executive Candidates
Step 6 – Reference Checking
In-depth reference checks are conducted directly with superiors, peers,and subordinates and are summarized in writing on finalist marketing and sales executive candidates to create a complete profile of their career history, achievements, leadership skills, management style, image, personality characteristics and specific limitations. My professionalism and finesse with which the reference checks are handled are critical to the success of the search. When necessary, checking is keyed to specific points at issue. Often this can be done only at the time when an offer is to be extended, so as not to jeopardize the candidate's position with her/his current employer.
Step 7 – Negotiations and Closing
Importantly, once the decision is made, I help the client attract the most outstanding candidate for the given position. For the superior executive, the decision whether to join another company is often difficult. He or she must be motivated by the scope of the proposed responsibilities, career prospects, opportunity for personal and professional development and by the long-term financial rewards and incentives. Skill in negotiating the compensation package and structuring the offer designed to attract the finalist candidate (and counter-offer preparations) can make the difference between success and failure of a search assignment, and it is one of my biggest strengths. I act as the interface between finalist candidate and the client during the sensitive negotiation process. This includes compensation issues, special benefits, relocation issues, spouse employment and most importantly, the "closing of the candidate" and guiding him or her through the resignation process.
Step 8 – Follow-Up
At the end of the executive search process I help to integrate the successful marketing and sales executive candidates into the client organization. My responsibility does not end when the executive joins that new company. I know from experience that the first few months are an adjustment for both you and the hired executive, and I work hard to assure a smooth and effective transition and facilitate a common understanding regarding his or her new role, expectations and performance. I serve as a feedback mechanism as long as necessary to solidify the new relationship in terms of both performance for you, and job satisfaction for the hired executive.
The above 8 steps of my executive search process is why my company has so many

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