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Meet Our Principal
who puts together the best matches for marketing and sales searches
At Bender Executive Search the pricipal works on each search from start to finish to provide priority personal attention which nurtures a close, collaborative partnership relationship, and ensures absolute accountability, expertise, creativity, and top quality results. The firm uses state-of-the-art resources to provide the broad national reach needed to maximize a choice of all potential qualified candidates. I have a relentless, passionate commitment that leads to the successful completion of even the most demanding assignments.
Our top sales executive search firm principal is:
Alan Bender, Founder and President
His biography follows:

Alan Bender

Bender Executive Seach: the top marketing and sales executive search firm
"Just wanted to share my complete satisfaction and commitment that I have always received from Alan and those at Bender Executive Search." 

"Real professionals that care, understand, and are responsive."

"There are many search firms, and many recruiters, but selecting the one that will make a difference is like anything else, a significant advantage when done correctly. You have nothing to fear with Alan Bender."

EVP Marketing Consumer Packaged Goods Corporation 

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